Rokuhan RC03 Two Way Controller
Rokuhan RC03 Two Way Controller

Rokuhan RC03 Two Way Controller

Brand: Rokuhan
Product Code: RC03
Availability: In Stock
Price: $64.00
Rokuhan RC03 Two Way Controller
  • Rokuhan does not include the Rokuhan A028 (formerly A011U) AC adapter, must be purchased seperately.
  • RC03 has the Constant Lighting System, which is same as RC02
  • DC voltage controller with digital voltage control which generates less heat.
  • Maximum output of 10V DC at 800mA.
  • Digital circuit breaker automatically turns the power off in the case of an accident, then on again by reset.
  • Has 2 switches to control turnouts.
  • Works with either an AC adapter or 8 AA batteries. Batteries enable portable use.
  • Terminals for accessory output to power lighting in structures, etc.
  • Main switch allows you to control the electric supply to accessory output for lighting structures, etc.
  • Has 2 colored LED indicators for showing the power status, either normal or faulty.
  • Has 2 terminals to connect an additional turnout switch, sold separately.
  • Built in fuse for safety.

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